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"AquaProp" Ltd


Vacuum impregnation of micro porosity in castings.

Mechanical seals and plain bearings.


There are around 50 different defects that could appear after molten metal alloy solidifies in casting. Majority of those defects originate from different technological fluctuations, but  one of them appears because alloy consists of several metals with different crystallization temperatures – and that is micro porosity. Several methods allow reducing micro porosity, but it is doubtful to eliminate it. And when the part is intended to contain gas or liquid under pressure one has to fight porosity after component is finished with machining.  The best known today solution of this problem is vacuum impregnation by synthetic resins.  It is a quick and simple way to make components pressure tight and it does not influence dimensions or functionality of components.

Though vacuum impregnation was principally introduced more than 50 years ago it becomes more and more popular these days after new resins with different polymerization cycles were developed. Casting impregnation reduces costs and provides better quality in automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, oil and gas industries.

 Vacuum impregnation makes porous component pressure tight up to 200 kg/sq cm values, and sometimes even more. Additionally it provides better surface preparation for finishing coatings, eliminating small pits and pores on the metal part. It also makes possible to seal electronic components – relays, connectors, microchips – making them fully reliable for operation in hazardous environments, even in space.

 Practically every existing casting alloy could be impregnated: aluminum, copper, steel, cast iron. Additionally good results are obtained when impregnating sintered parts made of metal, carbon, ceramic powders.  AquaProp company will assist you to minimize costs and to increase profits by impregnation of your parts.

 We can also offer custom designed and specially made mechanical industrial seals and plain bearings. Those units are simple in construction, reliable in operation and normally use water for lubrication. Some designs allow dry friction for many hours of service. Please send us description of your application and we will make an attractive offer.

 You may easily contact us through e-mail  office@aquaprop.ru and/or fax number +7 812 3131910.